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TV Review: Charlie Brooker’s 2012 Wipe

2012 Wipe

Charlie Brooker is a British TV personality who first made his name on TV with a show called Screenwipe. In it, he mercilessly mocked television and everything about it. What made it different from other TV clip shows was that Brooker actually knew something about television and TV against itself in order to offer a well-informed critique. Later, in the spin-off Newswipe, he turned his focus, unsurprisingly, to the news and the media in general. He also did a year in review.

Last night, Charlie Brooker’s 2012 Wipe was shown on the BBC. In it, pretty much everything that happened in the UK (and some major world news stories) were covered with the same relentless wit and anger.

I would recommend anyone who has the opportunity to watch it, either on TV as a repeat or via the internet (it is on BBC IPlayer, for example).

I would also recommend you watch everything he has ever made, all of which I believe are on Youtube. But, if you have to pick just one of his shows, I would highly recommend the phenomenal and highly informative How TV Ruined Your Life.

He also has a column in The Guardian and several books, all of which are essential reading.

You will never look at TV in the same way.


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