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End Of Year Awards 2012: The Sedatives

The Sedatives 2012

Seeing as it is the end of 2012 and the world hasn’t ended, it’s been a pretty good year. That’s why I’ve decided to give out some awards to my favourite (and not so favourite) things from 2012 in TV and film. Each nomination is an honour and I’m sure everyone desperately wants to being the proud receiver of a Sedative.

Best New TV Show – Go On

I’ve not seen a lot of new TV shows this year, so there were only two nominees; Go On and The Newsroom.

I had been tempted to give this to The Newsroom, which is actually a better show, but decided against as it does not quite reach the levels I expect from Sorkin. It was uneven and despite some dizzying highs there were also some moments which fell completely flat.

In the have decided to give the award to Go On because despite my initial doubts it is quite a good little show and is the best Matthew Perry vehicle since Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, which was created by the other nominee’s creator Aaron Sorkin.

I hope they both improve and fidn themselves battling each other once again for Most Improved TV Show 2013.

Best Newfound TV Show – Community

This was a horrendously difficult decision. To qualify for this category it has to be a TV show which I have watched for the first time this year, which is a lot of TV. In the end there was little option but to go for Community. It’s meta-humour and genuine all round brilliance makes it one of the most interesting and innovative shows on TV. Where else could you get an episode set almost entirely in an 8-bit world? Nowhere.

A special mention needs to go to Parks and Recreation, which was a very close run thing. It is also a hilarious show, but in a very different way and the culture geek inside me always has to drink of the pop culture fountain.

Modern Family was also in contention, but it’s blatant set-up of gags and its current season decline suggests it is a show that is running out of steam, but I have no doubt it will run for a good few years yet.

Somewhat inexplicably, I didn’t catch up with The Office (US) until it was into its ninth and final season. It is one of the most consistently funny shows on TV for that length of time and is well worth a mention.

Best Movie (Not Film) – Cabin In The Woods

If you had told me at this time last year that there would only be one standout movie for this category I would have laughed you out of town. But at the end of the day, Cabin In The Woods is the only film that didn’t disappoint.

From the pen of Joss Whedon and alumni member Drew Goddard (who also directed) it’s lampooning of the horror genre in a fantastically funny and original manner offered gore and laughs in equal measure.

Fantastic performances from the cast, but in particular Fran Kranz and Bradley Whitford made this an absolute delight.

Honourable mentions go to The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and End of Watch for being great popcorn flicks, but ultimately hollow experiences.

Best Actor (Film) – Philip Seymour Hoffman for The Master

Forget Joaquin Phoenix and his gurning, there is only one contender for this award and it goes to the might Philip Seymour Hoffman. His performance was one of two reasons to watch this film. It was a not perfect performance and it will be a travesty if he doesn’t win a second Oscar for it.

Best Actress (Film) – Amy Adams for The Master

The second reason to watch this overly-praised and underwhelming film. Another brilliant performance and almost certainly a career best. Overlooked at the Golden Globes she won’t get an Oscar, or even a nomination, which would be an absolute travesty.

Biggest Disappointment (Film) – The Dark Knight Rises

Despite being several candidates for this award there was only ever going to be one winner. Watching The Dark Knight Rises was a frustrating experience. Thinking about it afterwards even more so. It tried so hard to do so much, but in the end became just a clichéd non-sensual plot by numbers mess that ruined the opportunity at a definitive Batman trilogy.

This is my Godfather: Part Three.

Yet it was not alone in disappointing me this summer. Prometheus with its whole “Jesus was an alien” thing just completely missed the target and left so many plot holes and questions as to be entirely unfulfilling.

The Avengers also makes this list, for being essentially an empty piece of film-making, which is something Joss Whedon fans are not used to. Sure it was funny, perhaps a little too funny, but the hollowness was a bitter disappointment.

So there we have it folks, I hoped you enjoyed the ceremony as much as the winners will surely enjoy their awards.

See you next year!


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