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Something For The Weekend: Easy A

Easy A

Easy A tells the story of how clean-cut student Olive (played by Emma Stone) accidently became thought of as the most promiscuous girl in school through the rumour-mill.

First of all, this is very funny. It is smart and sassy and feel far more organic than other teen comedies, such as Juno.

Secondly, the acting is very good. Emma Stone is on fine form as the sharp, sassy teen who lies about having sex to shut her friend up and then to help out another friend an Dan Byrd (probably better known for playing Travis in the god-awful TV series Cougar Town) playing her gay friend Brandon. Thomas Haden Church is both intimidating and accessable as favourite teacher Mr. Griffiths, whilst Lisa Kudrow puts in an uptight performance (in a good way) as student councillor Mrs. Griffiths.

Tackling the issue in an interesting manner, the film is split into five chapters and is narrated all the way through by Stone, who is ostensibly telling the story via a web broadcast, in order to explain how things got so out of hand.

It is funny and kind film that deals with the issues of sex and rumours and being in high school in an engaging manner, mixing the happy with the sad. It’s over-riding thesis seems to be that high school is shit, but the only way to get through it is to be true to yourself. A good lesson for life.


6 thoughts on “Something For The Weekend: Easy A

  1. I enjoy most of the pictures Miss Stone graces. She has an ability and attractiveness that belies her age. I have not seen this particular movie, but when i saw the trailer it was something I expected i would like to view.

  2. I liked this but not near as much as I was hoping I would. I agree that it’s a smart film compared to most teen films these days so that was kind of refreshing. But it’s probably because I’m old that I still think movies like Heathers are much better and that having the main character mention awesome John Hughes movies doesn’t actually make the film as good as a John Hughes movie. 🙂 I did prefer Juno but that’s probably because I’m of the Diablo Cody generation!

    • I have heard great things about Heathers and actually have it on DVD, but have never actually gotten round to watching it.

      Easy A is not genius, but it does try to do something smart, rather than the vapid, anti-intellectual MTV-Generation filth that pollutes society. So it’s difficult not to over-praise something when standards have seen systematically lowered over the past few decades.

      The Sarah Silverman Programme coined the phrase “Junoing it”, which basically means taking something someone loves and pointing out all the flaws, at which point they no longer like it. I really liked all the actors in it and the idea, but there were so many niggly things that my opinion dropped after some reflection (“honest to blog”, anyone?)

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