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Behind The Times: Arrested Development

Arrested Development

I had expected this article to be posted much sooner. Here’s why…

Several months ago I finally sat down to watch Arrested Development. I had never really seen it before and had heard nothing but great things, so decided to take the plunge.

I am still struggling through them. Sort of.

I’ve not watched an episode for weeks and the thirteen episodes I did manage to push through were not particularly enjoyable. They certainly weren’t bad, nor were they unfunny. There is just something about the show that is too unsettling to actually relax into the thing.

Let’s be clear. The acting is top notch. Literally everyone is great in it. The writing is top quality and it is funny. The story is interesting and you connect with the characters (through either love or hate).

I don’t know if it is the constant praise that has pushed expectations too high, though that may be the point. It just isn’t the amazing comedic zeitgeist that everyone said it was. But perhaps it gets better. Who knows? Not me, I can’t get through them.

Placing it on a scale of sitcoms, I think I would place it lower than Louie (which I wrote about here). If you read the article, you would see I did not warm to that show either, albeit for very different reasons.

Regardless, I will keep watching (or pretending that I will start watching again) and if anything changes I will let you know.

But until then, I would recommend that if you are a fan on Arrested Development, that you may want to tone it down a bit, because so far, it isn’t all that.


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