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Behind The Times: Happy Endings Season One

Happy Endings

Following a speed watching of New Girl, it was time, reluctantly, for either The League or for Happy Endings. Opting for the latter, due to it being closer in tone to New Girl I began watching in earnest. It quickly became apparent that this was not a show I was going to get into.

It is too bright and too cartoony and brings with it images of the hideously awful Cougar Town and I can see this going off the rails in exactly the same way.

It is about a group of friends whose proverbial “cul-de-sac crew” is threatened by disintegration when Alex (played by Elisha Cuthbert) leaves Dave (Zachery Knighton) at the altar. Yet it doesn’t and that is the plot.

All the characters seem to be inferior versions of those from New Girl and for all that is awesome about Elisha Cuthbert, is no Zooey Deshanel. Make of that what you will. She is also not a good actress. I came to this conclusion during House of Wax, but presumed her lacklustre performance was due to a terrible script and the proximity of Paris Hilton. It was not.

Adam Pally as manly homosexual Max, is an inferior Schmidt. Damon Wyans Jr. As Brad is pretty good, but he is certainly no Winston. Eliza Coupe as Brad’s wife, Dave’s sister, and Alex’s best friend, Jane is one of the most unbelievable and fundamentally unlikable characters on TV. It doesn’t help that her performance is also terrible and over-the-top. Casey Wilson as Penny is just about tolerable, because she can actually do comedy.

Zachary Knighton is probably the best actor in the show, because he seems to be doing a slightly more masculine impersonation of Adam Scott and I love Parks and Recreation.

I know I am being overly harsh. but this is not a good show. It lacks the bounciness and flair of Scrubs and the storylines are so contrived as to be embarrassing. They are terrible. The problem with them is that they seem to rely on all sorts of funny things happening to the characters, as opposed to the comedy coming naturally from the characters. But that is not surprising because the characters are not funny and when they try to be witty they fail miserably.

True, I have only seen a handful of episodes so far, but this is going to take some major changes for me to change my mind. It doesn’t help that I have discovered he wrote the 2012 Adam Sandler vehicle That’s My Boy. If ever there was a kiss of death of a comedy career, do a modern day Adam Sandler film should be it. Unfortunately, it is the opposite.


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