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(Belated) End Of Season Review: New Girl – Season One

New Girl Wallpaper

OK, it is official. I am hooked.

New Girl is absolutely hilarious.

Despite being somewhat dubious at first, I was won over completely during episode four.

I think all the characters are excellent and even though the plot is entirely generic, the comedy is of such a high standard that it is essential viewing.

Looking back all the way to last week, when I started watching here are my thoughts on the problems I highlighted.

  1. Coach was replaced after one episode. This was irritating, but his replacement, Winston, is very funny and calmer, more rounded character than Coach would have been
  2. I said “I find it impossible to believe that Zooey Deschanel would have any trouble convincing anyone to do anything for her. So therefore, any issues she has with people just do not seem believable to my mind.” I still do. I got over this by presuming the creator of the show based it on her own life and therefore is not an accurate representation of these events. That helps significantly.
  3. The best friend is a model thing. Got over that one quickly.
  4. The theme tune. Still irritating, but slightly less so. Helped by the fact it is only seven seconds long.

So yeah, those are all still problems. But I don’t care because it is just too good. It is surreal, without going into cartoon mode.

Yes, it is very kooky, but it works. At first I thought Schmidt was going to be a terribly annoying character, but he is incredibly funny, possibly the crowning achievement of the show.

At a time when American sitcoms are at an all time high, New Girl certainly manages to hold its own.


4 thoughts on “(Belated) End Of Season Review: New Girl – Season One

  1. This is probably before your time, but the sitcom reached its peak in 1973 when CBS had a Saturday night line-up of All in the Family, MASH (the early edition – before it became pedantic – back when Larry Gelbart was the main writer), the Mary Tyler Moore Show, and the Bob Newhart Show. Unbelievably, it was topped off by the Carol Burnett Show. (If you have never seen them, YouTube has clips. Of particular interest are Chuckles the Clown on Mary Tyler Moore and Tim Conway’s Elephant story on Carol Burnett.) The 70’s also spawned Soap and Taxi, among others.

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