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Just Feels Write

Naked Lunch Typewriter

Even as I wrote this, I knew posting it would be a nightmare. This is because I wrote this article with a pen and pad. Not because I was in some kind of rural backwater, (I am in fact at home where I write most of my articles), but because whilst making a list of potential blog topics, (I got to one) I realised how good it feels sometimes to write, to actually write, as opposed to typing.

Now, there is nothing wrong with typing and sometimes it is the best way to write, but it all depends on how you feel and right now (well, then) this (that) pen feels (felt) right. But so does the pad on which this is written (from the excellent first-aid group St. John Ambulance. Yes, I added the link later.

Without the pad I doubt this article would have been written. There are plenty of pads and books and scraps of paper floating about and sometimes it is all about finding the right pen, the right paper and letting the words just flow. Like most things, writing is about shaking things up and changing things around. Next time you don’t know what to write, try swapping that computer for a pen. Or a Typewriter. Or a stick in the sand.

Because sometimes writers block is nothing more than trying to use the wrong tools.


2 thoughts on “Just Feels Write

  1. When I was gatheirng items for my mission trip to Belize I included a bound journal as well as my daughter’s small netbook. Ostensibly the netbook was included to allow me to avail myself o the internet connections if they were available to communicate with my family using Google chat’s video service. Wanting to remember details about my trip past the time I was there, I planned to pen my thoughts in the journal.

    I did okay the first day, scribling happily. Then i migrated to the netbook because the intention changed, with plans to share my experience with those connected electronically by e-mail not only withing my church, but within the 40 plus churches in our association that help sponsor our mission activities.

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