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May The Force Be… Whedon?

I am not a fan of Star Wars. No sir. My flag is planted very firmly in the (non- J. J. Abrams) Star Trek universe.

I have no interest in Star Wars or anything to do with them. Though I am disappointed that George Lucas has sold the rights to Disney as it gives me fewer opportunities to call him a huckster and a shill, who has worked hard to squeeze every last drop of blood out of the franchise so that even Gorden Gekko would think his cold-hearted pursuit of money was “a bit much”.

But following a brief argument with a fellow blogger regarding an (obviously false) rumour regarding Joss Whedon and one of the upcoming Star Wars films, I have become convinced that Joss Whedon would actually do a very good job at making one of them. Here is why:

  1. For all the weakness of The Avengers, it was still hugely successful. This demonstrates that he can take control of an already existing franchise and make it massively successful, both critically and commercially. This is because,
  2. He understands his audience. Despite a fanbase that makes Waco followers seem a bit flighty, he appears not to have let this go to his head. When asked about this, he denies it has anything to do with him, but rather it is all to do with the characters he creates. They are relatable and therefore people establish a genuine emotional bond with them. He knows this is the key to his “success” and as long as he doesn’t forget this then he can win over the Star Wars Fans.
  3. The last three Star Wars films and their numerous and various spin-offs were not too far away in tone to The Avengers. They were a bit cartoony and tried to have a mass appeal. That they were awful is neither here nor there. They have their lighter moments, their more serious moments, the big battles and the bigger speeches. Whedon has built a career on these.
  4. He can also do serious. Well, as serious children’s sci-fi can be, which is basically what Star Wars is and part of the reason fans hated the newer versions. They, like their predecessors were filled with things to appeal to the youth of the day and to sell a fuckload of toys. But the older ones did seem to be a bit darker and dirtier, but so did everything in the 70s and 80s. If Disney wants to take them in that direction, then Whedon can do that. All you need to do is to look at his work on the more serious, morally ambiguous brainswap/prostitution ring series, Dollhouse so see that Whedon would have no hesitation in getting Han to shoot first.

There are probably more reasons why he would be a good choice for the franchise, but I think that will do for the moment. Anyway, it isn’t going to happen, not least because of his contract with Marvel to develop a series of shows over the next few years.

Truthfully, I would be interested in seeing a Whedon Star Wars movie, but I’d rather that didn’t happen if only because that would mean some other project would have to be shelved in the meantime. But yeah, some people don’t want Whedon to have anything to do with the Star Wars franchise, and that’s fine, it just means more Whedon goodness for the rest of us.

Now excuse me while I place on the sacred wooly at and worship at my home-made Firefly shrine.


6 thoughts on “May The Force Be… Whedon?

  1. Good post, and as a Star Wars fan I think Joss would do a great job with Star Wars. In a lot of ways he did that with Firefly. That had the rogue cast of characters taking on an evil empire vibe going on with that show. I still don’t know why that show and movie didn’t do more or become greater. I will also now worship at the Firefly shrine.

    • Thanks.

      Yeah, he’s already excelled in the sci-fi genre (even if Fox didn’t think so!), plus his work on Buffy has demonstrated he can do the ragtag group of misfits vs the Big Bad as well. Actually, that theme runs through most of his work, not least of all the much maligned Dollhouse.

        • Yes. In a word.

          Fox tried to mess about with it and turn it into an “episode of the week” kind of series, but that dies down after the first 5 episodes or so, which are still pretty good actually. It’s after that that it becomes more about character development and the general underlying plot of the Dollhouse organisation.

          Obviously I’m biased as in my eyes Whedon can do no wrong, so much so that I’ll be posting an article soon which defends Alien: Resurrection. But I certainly think it is a good show which doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

          • I could honestly defend Alien: Resurrection myself. It had its flaws, but it still had some good moments. They just went a little off by the end of it. I also might have to check out Dollhouse.

            • Watch an episode of Firefly then watch A:R. It is so clearly a prototype for the show.

              Once you start listening to how the lines should have be read, you realise how much of a mess they made of a pretty good script.

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