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Chevy Chase Leaves Community. None Shocked.

This is hardly the biggest shock in the world, but Chevy Chase has left TV comedy genius Community during season 4, even though none of it has aired yet due to massive delays.

He has had a tumultuous relationship with the show to say the least. In an interview in September of this year he said about the show,

“I just sort of hung around because I have three daughters and a wife, and I figured out I might as well make some bread, every week, so I can take care of them in the way they want … The hours are hideous, and it’s still a sitcom on television, which is probably the lowest form of television.”

Then there is his long-running feud with creator and former showrunner Dan Harmon. That Chase has now left raises a question of whether it was the right decision to get rid of Harmon instead of Chase, who had becoming an increasingly peripheral and ill-fitting figure on the show.

I was never a big fan of Chase and finding out he was involved in the first place delayed my watching it by quite a bit. But he did grow on me and I found it all very funny.

So to commemorate his departure, here are some of his best bits.


2 thoughts on “Chevy Chase Leaves Community. None Shocked.

    • Cool, I didn’t know that, but then SNL has never been particulary big in the UK as far as I’m aware, seeing how it seems to be an institution in the US. Not even sure if they show it over here. Not even some kind of cheap knock-off.*

      We do have a similar thing over here though where soap actors quit to try and step up. Rarely are they heard from again.

      I think of Chase as a cheap Dan Ackroyd rip-off. Not sure how accurate that is though.

      *Note to anyone reading this: This post proves I came up with the idea. So if anyone launches SNL UK (patent pending) and doesn’t give me a boatload of money I will sue yot so hard that all of your relatives named Sue will become my legal property!!!

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