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Thoughts On: Firefly: Browncoats Unite

Just a quick little something extra to end the week.

Last Sunday saw the airing of Firefly: Browncoats Unite.

Whilst it was enjoyable, nothing new was really learnt (except for one potential future plotline), but then that wasn’t really the point.

This was just a celebration of a short-lived TV show that became a phenomenon. There was nothing to sell, no new releases to promote, just some people getting together to reminisce.

It was nice to see most of the crew back together, though Ron Glass (Shepherd), Morena Baccarin (Inara), Gina Torres (Zoe) and Joss Whedon were absent from the round-table discussion (though Torres, Baccarin and Whedon did appear in different contexts). The most interesting thing about the show though was seeing the present-day interview intercut with scenes from the show and seeing how much younger they looked back then.

What we had were was not a deep analysis of the show and it’s themes, nor really of why it resonated so much with the fans. Rather, it was a nostalgic look back at the time spent making the show and then a bit of talk about it’s resurrection as a movie, Serenity. Though I’ve seen the movie and TV show a number of times I’ve neglected to get into the comic books at all, which is a bit shameful and something I will be quickly looking to rectify.

It was nice to see that the fans and everyone involved in it still care about it and the scenes at Comic-Con really justify a special such as this.

In the end it was a nice trip down memory lane and hope that one day we might see a little more from the crew.


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